Case Study: Achieving Top Customer Support Goals

Coveo helps CA Technologies deflect calls, increase customer self-service satisfaction & reduce cost.

Coveo for Service & Support goes way beyond the knowledge base, delivering actionable case intelligence from any source. Coveo injects knowledge into every customer service interaction. With Coveo, customer service representatives at CA Technologies were able to increase first call resolution, reduce case resolution time, and better engage customers. 

Our powerful enterprise search-powered application allows customer support reps to:

  • View real-time information from anywhere: Coveo instantly assembles related content from cloud, enterprise, and social sources to give users a complete view of customers and cases.
  • Locate subject matter experts: Coveo goes beyond explicit user profiles to extract expertise information from content that each customer service agent creates, in real-time.
  • View virtual account timelines: Coveo creates a virtual timeline of all indexed interactions, from email conversations to support history.

Coveo is now available for free on the Salesforce AppExchange!

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Learn how CA Technologies achieved dramatic improvements in customer service with Coveo for Service & Support including a 15% reduction in case resolution time, 10% increase in customer self-service satisfaction, and more.