Social CRM: A Handbook

Part 1: Social CRM for Beginners

The social communications revolution has transformed customer expectations – of service, speed, knowledge access and transparency. To help you meet and exceed the needs of the social customer, Coveo and CRM expert Paul Greenberg are bringing you this four-part handbook. Get your copy to start making every customer experience, every product and every interaction one that exceeds the needs, interests, and desires of today’s social customer.

Learn how to:

  • Address the needs and demands of the increasingly social customer
  • Provide value to customers in every interaction
  • Retain customers who have more alternatives and choices than ever before

Knowledge is your organization’s greatest asset. Learn why over 500 companies are using Coveo to get a higher return on their collective knowledge to sell more, serve customers better, got to market faster with more innovative products, reduce costs and increase profitability.